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We have researched and curated a care bag that is filled with items both useful and uplifting. Specifically handpicked for cancer patients to support them through their treatments, we wanted to create a gift that friends and relatives can send as a reminder of love and something to help centre them on their journey.

The RAFFY Purpose:

The Raffy Story

We are Peter and Susan Reeves, co-founders of The Raffy bag.

Susan came up with the idea of creating a bag packed full of practical items which would support newly diagnosed cancer patients. Ultimately we wanted to create a bag of products that could relieve their fear while provide proven and helpful products that they need and take away the burden of researching and organising their own bag. This was put into action when Peter’s mother Barbara was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and Susan looked to sending flowers. While flowers are lovely to receive, they wouldn’t ease Barbara’s anxiety or help her to focus on preparing for the unknowns which lay ahead. Susan set into action her own research, looking for essential and useful products with Barbara’s personal needs in mind.

We listened to others on a similar journey as Barbara, taking on board their feedback, while constantly refining the list of essential and helpful products. We learnt a lot about what lay ahead for Barbara and schooled-up on cancer terminology in the process. The result was Barbara’s very own, bespoke carry bag packed with all the items for her upcoming treatment sessions.

When gifting the bag to Barbara we explained each item’s practical or emotional usefulness for the journey ahead. Seeing Barbara’s joy and the understanding she was gaining from opening each item was a wonderful experience for us.

Barbara now had her go-to bag which seemed to give her an extra boost in confidence and strength.

At this point we knew we had created something special, and had identified an opportunity to help other people living with cancer, and their loved ones too, fight against this disease

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