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A Care Pack for
the Cancer Journey

Raffy Bags

Our Way of Giving Back

Gifts For Cancer Survivors

The Purpose of a Raffy Bag

A care bag providing newly diagnosed cancer patients with a reminder of love and a sense of control. Facing a number of unknown circumstances, cancer patients have to navigate a completely new world. We have curated a bag filled with items that are both useful and uplifting. The Raffy is their trusty kit, supporting and centering them through their journey.


Carefully selected and well-thought-out items

Each product has been meticulously researched and selected to assist a cancer patient.
These are some of the items found in The Raffy:

  1. Alcohol and aluminium-free deodorant: Treatments can make a patient’s skin very sensitive to alcohol and aluminium additives, we have sourced a deodorant that is less likely to irritate skin.
  2. Ginger chewy lozenges: A dry mouth and often a metallic taste is not an uncommon side effect of treatment, and ginger is proven to combat nausea.
  3. Beeswax lip balm: To mend dry and sensitive lips, a common side effect when receiving treatments.
  4. Reaffirmation (Raffy) notebook: To capture thoughts, inspirational quotes, challenges and record the journey.
  5. A bell: Ring it loudly when at home to call loved ones to attention and be pampered in bed or on the couch!
  6. Travel motion sickness bands: To lessen nausea.
The Concept behind
the 'Raffy'
A gift to last the treatment journey.
A Gift of Joy
Specifically handpicked for cancer patients.
Designed to relieve mild side effects and boredom.
A daily reminder of care and support from your loved ones.
Providing a packing and re-packing process to mentally prepare.
There to alleviate confusion and provide a sense of control.

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